Originally launched in 2011 as an online, multi-media sharing community for Tweens, MashPlant started hearing almost immediately from teachers, asking for a classroom version to host the surge in student generated media.  Working with a team of professional educators and learning experts, MashPlant dove back into development and within months, emerged with a beta version of a new, digital classroom platform.  Piloting it in Chicago schools for nearly two years, MashPlant officially launched as MashPlant Studio on February 6, 2014, in celebration of National Digital Learning Day.  Featuring episodes of the Peabody Award winning series, "Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin", MashPlant quickly spread and is now used by thousands of teachers and students worldwide, across a broad range of curricula from the creative arts to history, humanities and STEM.  

In addition to its state-of-the-art social learning features, MashPlant offers exclusive access to world-class content and resource libraries produced in partnership with leading cultural institutions, organizations, universities and media outlets.  Such libraries include MashPlant’s original series, “Cool Toolz” featuring celebrities like Jim Belushi and “Whatza?”, featuring creative professionals like TV series showrunner James Parriott, and in partnership with WFMT/Chicago, the Peabody Award winning series “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin” in a format specially developed by MashPlant for classroom application.

MashPlant was founded by Jason Brett, founder of Chicago’s famed Apollo Theater, whose thirty-five year career has included critical and commercial success in film, television and theater, and creative partnerships with Oprah Winfrey and the legendary comedy institution, The Second City.  Dedicated to the principle of universal access to quality, 21st century education technology, MashPlant works with public and private institutions and organizations, their funding sources and sponsors to create positive communities through social learning.


Press & Testimonials

If you have kids of a certain age who you’d like to steer away from TMZ, YouTube and Facebook, may I suggest a peruse of the colorful and very cool MashPlant
— Lorraine Devon Wilke, Huffington Post
Kids take pride in their creativity with MashPlant
— CBS Chicago
Mashplant is expanding beyond the web and turning classrooms into studios
— Derrick Young, CBS Chicago
We came across MashPlant and felt that what they were doing was very similar to what we wanted to do. They were like chocolate, and we were like peanut butter.
— Steve Gorski, President & CEO of Source For Learning
My favorite part about Mashplant – from an educators standpoint – is that it is safe.
— Andrew Toniolo, Music Teacher at Sunset Ridge School
The interface is intuitive and fun to use
— Mark E. Moran, Finding Dulcinea
Is poised for a broader national expansion as a tool not just for teaching the arts but for science learning as well
— John Carpenter, Chicago Tribune / Blue Sky Innovation
The more you can connect with what kids already know, the less that they feel like they’re outsiders.
— Bill McGloughlin, WFMT Exploring Music